Contemporary, sophisticated, sustainable.

Respect for people, respect for the planet. At Carmens, we believe that the behaviour of each and every one of us contributes to the well-being of the whole community and, for this reason, we design our products reducing their impact on the environment.

Find out how we carry out our commitment

Responsible production

The entire SS22 collection is made using LWG® leather, i.e. leather that complies with the standards shared by the Leather Working Group, the organisation that brings together the most committed brands, suppliers and manufacturers in the leather industry in the field of sustainability.

Packaging made of Materialrecycled

We take the same approach to packaging: all our boxes are made exclusively of 100% recyclable FSC recycled paper.

Clear instructions for disposal

The separate collection of packaging is simple and straightforward: for each element that makes up the packaging - from the cardboard to the inner carrier, right down to the tissue paper protecting your new shoes - you will find below the symbols indicating the most correct disposal container.

Internal support
MaterialVeline Filling